Minecraft Animation

2012-11-16 19:44:44 by Dimentoes

A new minecraft animation is being created by ME right now. After many years of providing strange and zany animations for you guys I now present a completely rational and normal looking animation called Stevicide (a minecraft parody animation). Well not exactly...I suppose there's still a little bit of zany things to be had with this. Anyway feast you're eyes on a screenshot of the animation. Random flying STEVE! oh and check out my new song on the audio portal http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/511135

Minecraft Animation

Stop Motion Anyone?

2012-08-28 12:55:11 by Dimentoes

Do you like Blood? Do you like Driving? Do you like cars that bleed while they're driving or cars that bleed while the're not driving? Do you like blood that drives while its still inside of the car until the door opens and then it just spills all over the floor and makes a mess? Maybe you like random noises that cars make or the noises of baby seals and newborn puppies raised a few octaves and distorted to appear as gurgles...Orrrr???

maybe you should watch Rational-Delerium and Dimentoes Stop motion animation Bloody Drivers!! Actually since its all caps
....BLOODY DRIVERS!!!!!! - check it out



2011-01-21 15:18:39 by Dimentoes

These posts are so pointless.

epic halo flash

2010-04-24 15:43:46 by Dimentoes

So i finally submitted my halo animation and now you don't have to look at my previous annoying post.

Anyway, you can post a comment here or on my actual animation...

in a while i will also be making the first episode for a new sci-fi series that i'm starting to make.

new stuff is coming

2009-09-24 14:16:49 by Dimentoes

i'm going to submit a very hard working animation project that is a tribute to the halo games.
This will happen sometime soon so be prepared.


2009-01-24 15:32:45 by Dimentoes



2009-01-15 17:15:21 by Dimentoes

hey, whats up?